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We bring digital tools, resources, and support for continuous (and easy) family, school, and community engagement.

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Supporting family-facing staff to reach all families.

Let's partner to reach your engagement goals daily!


School Districts

Unlock the full potential of your district through tailored parent and family engagement strategies bolstered by comprehensive digital support that fosters academic excellence, promotes collaboration, and enhances student achievement.



Use our comprehensive consulting services to enhance parent and family engagement, promote academic success, and create a thriving educational environment where families feel welcomed & supported.


Community Education Council (CEC)

Partner with us to develop collaborative partnerships amongst local community-based organizations and businesses to enhance engagement and support for parents and families.

Coordination and integration

Assist schools in coordinating and integrating parent involvement programs with other relevant programs and services.

Support and outreach

Support for continuous family outreach, crafting unique opportunities for commmunity, and keeping track of engagement & impact.

Capacity-building and training

Training for family-facing staff & CEC members to create practical & succinct surveys to determine needs of families.


Our Digital Platform

We have an Information and Referral Management
online portal to support your engagement efforts and to keep you updated on progress.

Virtual Resource Matchmaker

We support schools/school districts in finding resources that families need and want.

Robust Dashboard

We provide a dashboard to track outreach, surveys, and engagement so that impact is measured daily.

Follow-Up Reminders

Ability to receive notification reminders via text or email to remember follow-ups. Or we can do it for you!

Restricted Resources Repository

Resources can be uploaded and restricted to the school community or a selected number of schools in a district.

Surveying Module

We support the dissemination of surveys and track the completion of submissions.

Virtual Support

We support schools and school districts in virtual outreach & finding resources for all families.

Shared responsibilities for student academic success.

We recognize the transformative impact of strong school-family-community connections, our collaborative approach with schools focuses on fostering meaningful engagement among parents, educators, and community partners. By providing expert guidance, we underscore the significance of leveraging technology, establishing digital platforms for parents to express their perspectives, and equipping family-facing staff with readily available resources to support families in a timely and effective manner.


All pricing packages comes with the Core Features and you pick the plan that fits your needs.
Pricing starts at $10,000 annual for Core Features.

Core Features


We have integrated tools to support communication and follow-up.

  • Unlimited two-way messaging (Email and SMS)
  • In-app phone calls
  • Communication confirmations
  • Surveying tool


We allow users to see data as pdf and excel sheets.

  • Communication data reports
  • Impact metrics reports
  • Outreach and engagement reports
  • Downloadable reports


We have administrative tools & webinars to support users.

  • School/District specific domain name
  • Role-level access for staff
  • Designated resource hubs
  • Monthly Informational Webinars (10)
  • $10
  • Per Student
  • Platform is used with little to no data entry assistance
  • Surveying tool for students
  • Resouce matchmaking service for students
  • Monthly 1-on-1 touchpoints
  • $15
  • Per Student
  • Resource matchmaking service will include guardians
  • Everything in Basic
  • Surveying tool for guardians
  • Resource matchmaking service for guardians
  • 1 additional touchpoint each month (Total=2)
  • $20
  • Per Student
  • Virtual Community Resource Concierge
  • Everything in Standard
  • VA on call to provide online support such as community mapping of resources & digital follow-ups
  • 1 additional touchpoint each month (Total=3)

We offer Professional Development (PD) Services

We want everyone who works with us to succeed, so we offer PD services to ensure that happens. Some services we offer are below. In addition, during our time together, we might determine other ways to support you and/or your team in goal attainment.

  • Parent Engagement Strategies: Provide practical strategies and innovative approaches to increase parent engagement, such as organizing family events, leveraging technology for communication, and involving parents in student learning at home.
  • Community Connections: Develop community connections through sessions focusing on assets mapping and digital outreach.
  • Data-Driven Practices: Equip parent coordinators with skills in analyzing and utilizing data to inform decision-making, identify areas for improvement, and measure the impact of family engagement initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our company name is Hidden Gems II Incorporated dba We Intervene (HID870492).
Anyone in the school can use our product but it is best used by family-facing stuff such as parent coordinators, PTA groups and other student support staff members.
No, at this time we do not keep track of student's grades.
At this time, we do not have a mobile app on the app store. Our application is mobile friendly and can be accessed on your phone.

The Team Behind We Intervene

We are excited to work with you on your project and
know we can help you surpass your outreach and engagement goals!

Meet Team

Natasha Green, PMP

CEO & Founder

Ashraf Syed


Ankita Singh

Project Manager

Candice Abellard, LCSW

Social Worker

Gautam Rajesh

PHP Developer

Victor Armando D.

Wordpress Developer

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