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Schoolwide Strategy

Establish a holistic view of the needs of students and families in your school community. Get everyone involved.

Monitor Engagement

Ensure parent/guardian engagement is not one-dimensional; use our two-way communication system to manage and monitor the family's needs and support in a timely manner.

Allocating Funds

Allow data to inform the school leadership team on the approriate investments needed to support the school community and student learning.

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Notes Referrals Followups

Organize notes, referrals and follow-ups in one location

Many times student support staff work in isolation to keep track of the needs of student, families and their colleagues. There is a better way.

  • WeIntervene will keep track of notes and important follow-ups to ensure no child gets left behind

  • WeIntervene will give School Personnel one location to text, email and print resources for students and families

  • WeIntervene saves valuable time by reducing the time-intensive process of finding the "right" resource

Core Features That Matters

WeIntervene is specifically built for school staff, schools and districts. All features were made upon the request of our clients.

Role-specific login credentials
Multiple ways to share resources, services and notes with others in the school community
Ability to download history of impact
A way to track and manage family engagement through emails, texts or direct outreach
Easy to navigate interface
Data will be updated in real time after every email, text, and follow-up
Resource repository for staff to allow better collaboration amongst staff
Emails are dated and time-stamped to ensure timely correspondence

Leverage data reports to determine social-emotional needs

Often times educators use their "gut" to determine the needs of students and their families, with our product you would be able to tie the things you know to be true with the data informing you of that truth.

How do we do this?
  • Every service/resource you share is tagged in order to chart current and future needs

  • The dashboard allows you to quanitify outreach on a daily basis

Black Teacher

Resource repository for all staff to share information seamlessly

Remove the information isolation many staff members feel by having a place for resource sharing to happen

  • Individuals can post any resources they feel is valuable to the school community

  • Colleagues can post and comment on resources posted to the school's internal repository

  • Resources can be shared externally to those who need it

Simple 4-Step Process

We allow you to find, share, track and manage your referrals in one spot


Find the resource or service


Share the resource or service


Set a reminder to follow-up


Document & Complete Follow-up

Customizable Pricing

Connect with us to find out more about pricing.

Price will vary

We imagine a school leader paying for this option if they want to pay for their school counselors, social worker, or family-facing staff to give them a centralized location to track, manage and monitor resources and opportunities shared with students and families. There is a discount for multiple users.

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Price will vary

We imagine a school leader using this option for all staff. This option will allow colleagues to track and monitor interventions across the school ecosystem. The school administrators will have their own dashboard to chart impact. There is an add-on option to have logins for students and parents to see a history of resources, opportunities, and interventions shared by school staff.

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School District
Price will vary

We imagine a school district leader paying for this option to connect and support schools across numerous zip codes or regions. The school district central office will be able to add users to the plan. There is an add-on option to have logins for students and parents to see a history of resources, opportunities, and interventions shared by school staff.

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Have Questions? Look Here.

This might be the first time hearing about WeIntervene so some questions answered below.

1. Is this product free?

No, the product is not free. The product is subscription-based with optional add-ons that can be discussed upon sign up.

2. Do you have a free trial?

Yes, we allow you to have a free trial session. Please contact us to discuss more.

3. How to sign up for a WeIntervene account?

Setup a call with us to get started.

4. What help and support do we get?

You get normal support during the hours of 8 am to 5 pm EST. We also have add-ons where you can extend your support timeframe.

5. How easy is this to use?

We believe it is easy to use and we have designed the application with educators in mind.

6. How long does it take to onboard a school?

This depends on numerous factors such as the purchasing timeline, school implementation plan and the point of contact that would lead the onboarding effort.

Appreciation Events for Educators

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